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Dump Trailer, Industrial Duty, 17,000lb GVWR

Our Industrial dump trailers are top of the line!  When we initially designed our Industrial Dump, we looked at the common problems we have ran into with day to day use and problems that could appear in coming years, and really wanted to set the bar higher for the industry.  The scissor hoist system is tried and true from day one, ensuring that what you put in, will come out when you want it to.  Other manufacturers dump trailers may be rated to haul the gross weight, but they cant dump.  

We have also did away with the upgraded 3/16th flooring, and made it standard.  If you want the best, we have it in this trailer.  The 3/16th flooring is about 33% thicker than most competitors and helps prevent the floor from blowing out, becoming wavey and warped.  The longer you can keep the floor plate slick, the easier dumping will be.

We use a deep cycle battery inside the toolbox which gives you an average 5-7 dumps on a full charge.  Our pumps have a power up, power down, gravity down option coming soon to help extend the amount of work your dump can do on a full charge.  We have also included a battery charger to keep you going the next day.

We continue to make changes to our dump line as far as structure design, to keep these trailers at the top tier of the industry.  Structure design will vary from time to time.

  • Frame- I-Beam
  • Neck- I- Beam
  • Deck- 3/16ths slick plate
  • Crossmembers- 3 inch channel
  • Sides- gauge sized 11 or 10
  • Headboard- 3/16ths slick plate
  • Tail gate- Combination barn door and spreader
  • Wiring- Sealed wiring harness
  • Lights- Flush mounted LED
  • Coupler- 21,000lb Demco on a 5 position track
  • Jack- 12k side wind (Hydraulic jack upgrade, extended lead time)
  • Axles- (2) 8000lb Dexter Axles
  • Tires- 215/75R17.5

Additional options;

  • 5' ramps- Included
  • 6' ramps- $150
  • 7' ramps- $300
  • 2' sides- included
  • 4' sides- $1200
  • 1' mesh- $600
  • Hydraulic jack- $1500
  • Tarp- $400
  • Wireless Remote- $350
  • Fork Pockets- $200
  • Spare Tire- $450
  • Dual Jacks- $500

Not seeing what your looking for?  Ask us how we can help!

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