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Shipping Policy

Shipping is to a Commercial Business, staffed during business hours, with offload capabilities or to the freight terminal (call for nearest terminal location). A Residential Business, Farm, School, Church, Construction Site etc. is not considered business delivery by the freight carriers.

We offer shipping to a freight terminal or commercial business address with a loading dock and the ability to unload the item (example - Forklift, Tractor with loader, Skid Steer) from the Tractor Trailer Truck, for most items to within our free shipping zone.  (NC, SC, VA, GA, FL, AL, MS, AR, MO, IL, IN, OH, WV, PA, DE, MD, DC, NJ, TN & KY.)

We have several options for freight terminals in each state where you can pick up your order. Contact us to find out where your local terminal is. (336)465-1536

What is considered a Business Address?

  • The definition of a "Business" to a freight carrier is: Listed in the local phone book, Posted business hours, staffed during regular business hours, and off load capabilities (in a timely manner). 

  • Unfortunately, a Farm is not considered a business to a freight carrier. There is a residential charge for them to go to a farm, church, school, construction site or other limited delivery area. 

  • Freight carriers do not offer free calls (prior delivery notification), although they may call ahead at times. Lift gate service is not included, but is available at extra cost. 

    Commercial establishments not open to the walk-in public during normal business hours, i.e. municipalities, government, etc.

  • A home business is not considered a business unless it meets the previous requirements.


Need Residential Delivery to your Home?

  • Residential Delivery is available to your home and is an additional $110.00 charge if you have the means to unload your items from the Transfer Truck. 

  • Lift gate service is available to off load your purchases from the Transfer Truck for an additional $136.00 if you do not have the means to unload it. (Before you spend an additional $246 dollars, if you ship to a terminal they will load it onto your truck or trailer for no extra charge)
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