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Stump Grapple | Extreme Duty

Tree Stump Buckets for Skid Steers

Few things are more obnoxious to have on your property than an unwanted tree stump. They take up space, are difficult to remove, and can start to rot, which will then cause them to stink and present a health hazard. With how difficult they are to get rid of, what else can you do other than just try to ignore them? JobSite has your answer, thanks to our line of tree stump buckets for skid steers. These helpful stump bucket attachments allow you to take full advantage of your skid steer; you can use these attachments to grind and uproot those ugly stumps and finally clear them from your property. If you’ve got a stump that’s an eyesore on your land, pick up one of JobSite’s tree stump buckets for skid steers, today!

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