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Choose The Correct Root Grapple

JobSite has root grapples for different levels of use.  From standard duty models that are great for general lifting, stacking, moving, loading, or unloading items around the farm or residence to heavy duty models designed for industrial and commercial applications.

When choosing a grapple attachment for your skid steer or tractor, make sure to consider how much lifting capacity your machine has.  40hp or more is a good idea if you intend to purchase a heavy duty model.  Our standard duty root grapple is a good choice at 470 lbs. if you have less than 40hp.  Selecting the correct size grapple keeps the attachment from being underutilized and the skid steer from being overloaded.

From clearing brush to landscaping and site cleanup, the correct root grapple attachment choice should not be stressful.  Give us a call at JobSite and can help with making the right decision.



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