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Handling Your Brush Cutter: A Complete Guide

The skid steer brush cutter attachment is easily one of the best tools available to do land clearing or brush cutting. If you’re not sure you’re comfortable with operating a brush cutter, don’t worry! Most people who have operated these machines for years likely felt the same way when they first began using them. If you’re patient and spend time gaining experience, you’ll do well in your industrial career! Continue reading to learn how to operate a skid steer brush cutter as well as some safety tips for use.

Pick the Appropriate Skid Steer Brush Cutter Attachment

There are several skid steer brush cutter attachments you can use, depending on what you plan on using your brush cutter to trim. For easy cutting of trees and saplings, our Dingo Brush Cutter will give you all the power you need. If you need something a little more powerful, our Beast Brush Cutter should do the trick thanks to its 6-inch cutting capacity compared to the Dingo’s 3-inch capacity. To find all the right attachments for your brush cutter, visit JobSite Trailers & Attachments. We carry the best skid steer brush cutter attachments on the market.

Take Safety Precautions

Before you get to work, it’s best to ensure you’re operating your skid steer properly. Never lift the blade higher than the cab door, and always ensure this door is shatterproof. Also, don’t ever leave your skid steer while the blades are moving for fear that you may injure yourself.

You should also ensure there are no people around you within 200 feet as debris can be easily flung from the brush cutter and injure someone.

How to Effectively Operate Your Brush Cutter

In order to effectively operate your skid steer brush cutter, it’s best to have the necessary experience. It can be a dangerous job operating this kind of equipment, so be careful and take your time as you learn how to operate the controls.

It’s also extremely important to not operate your brush cutter on steep terrain – so make sure you know exactly what you’ll be getting into before you begin cutting. Look around the area that you’ll be cutting and be aware of any uneven terrain, hills, etc. It’s also important to look for soft, wet patches as well as wires, rocks, etc. as these can either damage your brush cutter or prove difficult to navigate.

Contact us at JobSite Trailers & Attachments to find the best skid steer brush cutters for your needs!

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