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Things to Consider Before Buying a Brush Cutter

When shopping for new equipment, most people tend to look at the ROI (Return on Investment). While this is not a bad thing at all, most will take the wrong approach by buying the cheaper option. Spending more money may be hard to do, but it is advisable to invest in quality equipment to avoid incurring other hidden expenses later, such as frequent repairs. This is especially relevant when you are dealing with equipment in debris management such as brush cutters.

Brush cutters are equipment used for clearing grass and small bushes. Before buying one, keep in mind that there is a variety, and all of them are made with different specifications. Some are best suited for larger areas, undergrowth, high grass, cutting, and small trees. Thus, you must do a little more research to find the most suited brush cutter for your specific case. JobSite Trailers & Attachments outlines some things to consider before making your purchase.

The Intended Use

The first criteria to use when selecting a skid steer brush cutter is the type of debris the machine will be used on. Brush cutters are made with specifications to handle certain brush heights and thickness, and when exceeded, the machine will get damaged. For professional use, choose a brush cutter that can give you a long service life. For tough jobs such as clearing vacant lots, buy a brush cutter that can withstand the overgrown vegetation, heavy brush, and weeds. If you are working on a small or medium estate with hedges, bushes, and small trees, you can go for a medium brush cutter that is versatile and easy to use.

Size of the Brush Cutter

Size may not be a big issue for those that want a brush cutter just for their garden or porch. However, for professionals that will need it for prolonged working hours, size is definitely something to consider. A powerful and big engine will weigh more. Though you will cut through the debris more easily, you will also get tired faster. The best thing is to strike a balance between size and power while ensuring that the machine is strong enough to easily tackle the intended task.

Accessories and Features

As you shop around for a brush cutter skid steer, the features should matter a lot in your decision-making process. For example, look for a unit that has a wraparound guard running along the handlebars and the front of the machine to shield you when working.

Next, ensure the brush cutter has steel front deck plates and a heavy-duty steel cutting deck. These will enable the brush cutter to maneuver the brush easily.

The best brush cutter comes with a speed limiting setting to avoid overdrive situations. Lastly, check whether it has a parking brake to ensure that the skid steer brush cutter stays in place when halted on a slope.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Ease of use is an important consideration. Find out whether you can easily change trimmer heads and cutting blades. In addition, find machines with simplified maintenance. For example, some are bolted instead of welded to simplify the fixing of individual parts.

Generally, brush cutters are versatile tools that reach places that conventional lawn mowers could not access. However, you need to buy from a trusted manufacturer that offers after sale support. If you are in the search for the best brush cutter, get in touch with us today, at JobSite Trailers & Attachments.

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